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Animal Law, Advocacy & Policy: Lobbying

How do I monitor a bill?

1. Directly above, see the box that says New York.

2. The 3rd and 4th links down allow you to type in the number of the bill, and see its status.

Assembly Bill Search 

Bill Text, Status, Summaries, Sponsor Memos, Floor Votes

3. For example, click on Assembly Bill Search and type "animal" for keyword.

4. You can do the same with  Bill Text, Status, Summaries, Sponsor Memos, Floor Votes and here find status reports, sponsor memos, and more.

Advocating for Animals in New York State

Getting Political for Animals

National Institute for Animal Advocacy - Training animal advocates to win local and state laws that benefit animals and ensure vigorous enforcement of those laws through political action.

Subject Guide

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Valerie Lang Waldin

The Importance of Using Animals in Political Campaigns