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Textbooks on Reserve: FALL 2020

Fall 2020 textbook access is available by direct borrowing from the library.  The building is open Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm.  Textbooks may be used in the building only.  

Textbooks will be quarantined for three days between each user, in compliance with national recommendations for libraries.  Please plan accordingly and prepare in advance for upcoming assignments.

Can't find what you need?

Send a message to with course number (ex. MATH 150) and the textbook title.  


  • This list was populated from the campus bookstore's records as of August 2020.
  • Required textbooks are subject to change.  Check your instructor's syllabus to verify.
  • Not all course textbooks are available from the reserve collection at the library.

Anthropology (ANTH) Textbooks on Reserve

Arabic (ARBC) Textbooks on Reserve


ARBC 100/101

American Sign Language (ASLN) Textbooks on Reserve


ASLN 100

ASLN 101

Note:  DawnSigns, publisher of your textbook and related materials, is offering FREE ACCESS to textbooks and videos in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Visit their website and follow the instructions to register.  The library cannot provide direct access to content; students must register themselves through DawnSigns website.

Autobody Repair (AUBR) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Business Administration (BADM) Textbooks on Reserve

Biology (BIOL) Textbooks on Reserve


BIOL 104

BIOL 105

BIOL 109

BIOL 115

BIOL 119

BIOL 125 / 126

BIOL 127

BIOL 128

BIOL 130 / 136

BIOL 139 / 270 / 271

BIOL 150

BIOL 151

BIOL 190 / 191

BIOL 205

BIOL 210

BIOL 230

BIOL 237

BIOL 245

BIOL 270 / 271 / 139

BIOL 275

BIOL 281

  • Textbook not available 8/19/20

BIOL 292

Bereavement (BRVT) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Computer Aided Drafting (CADD) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Civil Engineering (CIVL) Textbooks on Reserve

Community Health (CMHL) Textbooks on Reserve


CMHL 100

  • Textbook not available 8/20/20

CMHL 110

  • Textbook not available 8/20/20

CMHL 115

  • Textbook not available 8/20/20

Construction Technology (CNST) Textbooks on Reserve

Criminal Justice (CRJS) Textbooks on Reserve

Dental Hygiene (DHYG) Textbooks on Reserve

Electrical Construction and Maintenance (ECMN) Textbooks on Reserve


ECMN 131 / 132

ECMN 171

Economics (ECON) Textbooks on Reserve

Electrical Engineering Technology (ELET) Textbooks on Reserve


No textbooks currently on reserve.

Engineering (ENGR) Textobooks on Reserve


ENGR 110

ENGR 120

ENGR 211

ENGR 215

ENGR 220

  • Textbook not available 8/27/20

ENGR 223

Exercise Studies (EXER) Textbooks on Reserve

Forensic Science (FSCI) Textbooks on Reserve

Individual Studies (INDS) Textbooks on Reserve

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology (ICVT) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Italian (ITAL) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Japanese (JAPN) Textbooks on Reserve

Latin (LATN) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Learning Skills (LSKL) Textbooks on Reserve


LSKL 095

Mathematics (MATH) Textbooks on Reserve


MATH 095

MATH 099 / 100

MATH 105

MATH 110

MATH 120

MATH 125

MATH 130

MATH 135

MATH 150

  • Open educational resource - contact instructor for access

MATH 165

MATH 170

MATH 180 / 190

  • Calculus I & II [some sections]

  • Open educational resource - contact instructor for access [some sections]

MATH 200

MATH 210

MATH 220

Mechanical Engineering (MECT) Textbooks on Reserve

Manufacturing Technology (MFTS) Textbooks on Reserve

Music (MUSC) Textbooks on Reserve


MUSC 100/101

MUSC 105

MUSC 106

MUSC 110

Public Administration (PADM) Textbooks on Reserve


PADM 100

  • Open Educational Resource - see instructor for details


Philosopy (PHIL) Textbooks on Reserve

Physical Sciences (PHYS) Textbooks on Reserve


PHYS 105

  • Open Educational Resource - contact instructor for access

PHYS 110

PHYS 135 / 136

PHYS 140

PHYS 145

  • OER Textbook - See instructor for details

PHYS 150 / 151 / 250

Political Science (POLS) Textbooks on Reserve


POLS 100

POLS 102

POLS 105

  • OER Textbook - Contact instructor for details

POLS 110


Polysomnography (PSGT) Textbooks on Reserve


PSGT 205

Psychology (PSYC) Textbooks on Reserve


PSYC 100

  • The Science of Psychology [some sections]

  • Psychology [Sections taught by Bannoura, Garretson, Zielinski, Gentle  || open educational resource available here]

  • Introduction to Psychology custom edition [Sections taught by Schott] || open educational resource available | contact instructor for access]

PSYC 200

PSYC 205

  • Lifespan Development [some sections]

  • Open educational resource - contact instructor for access [some sections]

PSYC 210

PSYC 225

PSYC 235

  • Authentic happiness : using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment  [LIBRARY EBOOK AVAILABLE]

PSYC 240

  • Open educational resource - contact instructor for access

PSYC 250

  • Open educational resource - contact instructor for access

PSYC 270  

PSYC 280

Respiratory Care (RESP) Textbooks on Reserve

Sociology (SOCL) Textbooks on Reserve


SOCL 100

SOCL 110

  • Introduction to Social Problems not available from library; contact instructor.

  • Open educational resource - contact instructor for access [some sections]

SOCL 120

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SONO) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Spanish (SPAN) Textbooks on Reserve

Sport (SPRT) Textbooks on Reserve


SPRT 100 / 101 / 102

SPRT 275

Surgical Technology (SURG) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Radiologic Technology (XRAY) Textbooks on Reserve


There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Thank you

The Dwight Marvin Library would like to thank Student Senate for allocating funds to purchase textbooks for reserve. Many of the textbooks on reserve are funded by Student Senate. Read the Hudsonian article from January 19, 2016, encouraging Student Senate to allocate increased funds to purchase textbooks for reserve.

Thank you to all departments that provide copies of textbooks and media to place on reserve.  These copies supplement titles purchased by the library.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER are freely available, high-quality learning materials that can be downloaded, edited and shared to better serve all students.

Several of the textbooks linked on this page are open textbooks currently being used by HVCC faculty.

Learn more about open educational resources on the library's OER guide or contact Brenda Hazard, Library Director.

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