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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Off Campus Access and Proxy Prefix

The proxy prefix is the first part of the persistent link which allows HVCC community members to access library content off campus. Many library databases include the proxy prefix in the persistent link, unfortunately not all provide linking the same way. Some library resources will need the prefix added for the link to successfully access the content from off campus.

HVCC's proxy prefix is:

A complete persistent URL including the proxy prefix will look like this:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=a9h

URL Generator v5

Caution: This generator will add the proxy prefix to URLs that do not need the prefix, like Google Scholar, and URLs that already include the proxy prefix.

Step 1. Paste your persistent URL here.  Include the https:// portion of the URL!
Step 2. Click the "Create link" button below
Step 3. Copy and use the converted link below for your course

EZProxy Error Message

The screenshot below illustrates the browser error message that results from an improperly proxied resource.  If this occurs, take the following steps:

  1. Try accessing the site without the proxy prefix.  If you connect successfully when NOT on the campus network, then the resource does not require the proxy prefix.  Remove it and simply add the unproxied link.  Examples: 
    • Any page including
    • pages
    • Publicly available websites, such as .gov, .org, and many .com sites
  2. Verify that the proxy prefix is followed immediately [No spaces!] by a URL that starts with https://
  3. Verify that the link includes the full proxied URL.  You may need to recopy the full link to include the proxy prefix.
  4. Contact the library for assistance!

ezproxy error screenshot


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