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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

1. What are the Research Guides?

There are two types of Research Guides:

  1. Subject guides: these are web pages that have been curated by your subject librarian; they show databases, E-Books, and other resources that the librarian has identified as useful for your discipline. Example subject guide...

  2. Course guides: these are web pages that have been created by your subject librarian for a specific course. Example course guide...

2. Selecting a research guide and collaboration

Linking to a research guide can help your students determine research topics as well as lead them to credible sources identified by HVCC librarians. The URL in the address bar is the persistent URL that will take your students directly to the page you would like them to see. RESEARCH/SUBJECT GUIDES DO NOT REQUIRE THE PROXY PREFIX!  SIMPLY COPY THE GUIDE URL FROM YOUR BROWSER AND ADD IT AS A WEB LINK TO BLACKBOARD.  Have suggestions on how to improve the subject guide for your department? Want a librarian to create a course guide for you? Contact your librarian!

libguide screenshot

libguide screenshot