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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard


This guide will present ways to integrate library resources into

Blackboard through persistent linking and creating Web Links in online courses.

Follow this link to login to your HVCC Blackboard account.

About Linking

When you view an article in a library database, the URL for that webpage is either dynamic or persistent.

Dynamic links = the URL was created at the time you did the search in the database and contains information related to your search. A dynamic link is temporary and usually will not work when copied and tried again. If you provide a dynamic URL to others as a link in Blackboard, they will not be able to access the information. Most of the time, the URL in the address bar will be a dynamic link.

Persistent links will get you to the same source every time. Many vendors do a good job of providing persistent links, but not all. Venders call persistent links other names, including:

  • Permalinks (EBSCOhost databases)
  • Bookmark URLs (Gale databases)
  • Document URLs (ProQuest databases)
  • Stable URLs (JSTOR database)
  • Jumpstart URLs (Ovid Nursing)

For more information please see the Linking Tools page in this guide.