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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard

Linking to Databases

Link students directly to databases you want them to use for research assignments.

1. Visit the Database Finder page.

2. Choose the database you wish to include. Some databases will include the share button you you to click and copy the persistent link to the database, as seen below.

database finder screenshot

3. If the share button is not available, right-click (or CTRL+click on a Mac) on the link to copy it.

  1. Firefox: select "Copy Link Location" to copy the link.
  2. Internet Explorer: select "Properties" to see the link, then copy the full link.
  3. Safari:select "Copy link."
  4. Google Chrome: "Copy Link Address."

4. In Blackboard, select the folder you would like to add the link to the database. Then select Build Content then Web Link.