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Respiratory Care: RESP 205

RESP 205 - Diseases of the Cardiopulmonary System    

Health Sciences Librarian

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Cynthia Koman
Hudson Valley Community College
Phone: 518-629-7360

Areas of Expertise:
Acquisitions Librarian

Health Sciences Library Liaison

Weekday Availability:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Medical Databases - differences

Class presentation

Database Tips

Database Searching Tips

  • Use PubMed and Medline with Full-text together to get the most out of the databases.  Copy the PMID numbers of articles from one to the other to find Full-text.
  • PMID number is the unique numer assigned to every article in PubMed and Medline with Full-text.
  • PubMed and Medline with Full-text cover the same information.  The difference is in how each searches. 
  • MeSH - Medical Subject Headings.  Used to search Medline with Full-text and Pubmed.
  • Phrase searching does not work in PubMed

Additional Datbases

Using the MeSH in Medline with Full-text

Medline with Full-text Database Tip!!

Using PMID Numbers to Find Full-text