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Respiratory Care: Coronavirus / COVID-19

Health Science Resources on Viruses / Pandemics / Epidemics from the HVCC library

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All resources listed here are available electronically from the Dwight Marvin Library or from other reliable sources.  Please feel free to share.


Bacteria, Pathogen, Infection, Green

All about viruses

Looking up information on VIRUSES

Consider these search words/strategies when looking up information on VIRUSES

  • "Infectious Disease"
  • Vir*
  • Virus*
  • Epidemic*
  • virus* and epidemic*
  • pandemic and disease
  • microbiology and virus*
  • virus and disease*
  • immun*
  • vaccin*

Bacteria, Virus, Bacterial Species, Imitation, Aureus

Most relevant databases to use for searching infectious diseases and viruses:

Past epidemics throughout the century

SARS and West Nile



1918 flu

COVID - 19

Articles from PubMed regarding COVID 19

Specific journals