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Respiratory Care: Database personal accounts

Personal Accounts / Saved Searches and Alerts in the Library Databases  

Personal Accounts

Personal Accounts in databases

MEDLINE with full-text account is called My EBSCOhost

PubMed personal account is called MyNCBI

Here is a list of Pros and Cons:

1.  Pro - It's mobile.  You can access it from on and off campus.

2.  Pro - On the run?  You can save information and look at it later. 

3.  Pro - Organize your research. 

4.  Con - You have to remember your username and password in order to use it!

5.  Con - You have to remember to sign in.

Personal account in Pubmed - My NCBI

Personal options for additional functions in the EBSCOhost library databases

Search Alerts

What is a saved search, journal alert or a search alert? 

A saved search or a search alert is a specific search that is saved within a database that is run on a routine basis.  The results are sent to the user periodically with new information that has been published. 

A journal alert is an email that is sent to you when new issues of a particular journal are published.

Example 1: 
Setting up a journal alert.  What's new in the journal Heart & Lung?  You can set up a search alert to have the table of contents sent directly to your email with all the newly published articles per month for this journal.

Example 2: 
Saving a search alert on a particular topic.
  I'm studying COPD and would like to know when new articles are published in this subject.  You can set up a search alert for this specific search and you will be sent an email when new articles are available.