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Early Childhood/Teacher Preparation: EDUC 100

Searching Database Education Source

When searching in library research databases, enter keywords rather than whole questions. For example, if my research question is: What is the required nutrition for a growing toddler? The main concepts, that will be used as keywords for the search are nutrition and toddlers.

Screenshot of search

Use the Boolean operator OR to expand or broaden your search results to include synonyms and related concepts. 

Refine Results

Screenshot type of source magazines

Selecting magazines, under type of source will eliminate scholarly peer reviewed journal articles from your result list, it may also take away professional journal articles that have not been tagged as a magazine. Scroll through the Publication facet to find professional journals recommended by your professor.

Screenshot of publication filter to the left of result list in database Education Source

Finding Articles in Trade/Professional Publications

What are trade publications?

Trade or professional publications contain articles written for particular audiences. For example, Mathematics Teacher is written for teachers of math. Trade publications will contain news, current events information, articles, and ads of interest to people in that industry or profession. Unlike scholarly journals, trade publications do not contain original research and are meant to be practical in nature. Their focus is on current trends and issues.

EDUC 100 Library Handout/ Worksheet | February 2020