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Fine Arts: ARTS 273 - Documentary Film

Library resources for students in Documentary Film: History and Theory.

Films for Class

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Documentaries on DVD

3 1/2 minutes, ten bullets Movie Poster

3 1/2 minutes, ten bullets

KF225.D86 A13 2015 DVD 1767

Let the Church Say Amen Movie Poster

Let the Church Say Amen

PN1995.9.F67 L48 2005 DVD 416

Wordplay Movie Poster


GV1507.C7 W67 2006 DVD 1484

Harvest of Shame Movie Poster

Harvest of Shame

PN4784.B75 E39 2005 DVD 1474

Quiet rage: the Stanford prison study Movie Poster

Quiet Rage: the Stanford Prison Study

IMC HV6089 .Q54 2004 DVD 74

In Search of Shakespeare Movie Poster

In Search of Shakespeare

PR2894 .I49 2004 DVD 114

Andy Warhol Movie Poster

Andy Warhol

N6537.W28 A84 2006 DVD 679

Last Waltz Movie Poster

The Last Waltz

M1630.18 .L37 2002 DVD 1476

Man on Wire Movie Poster

Man on Wire

GV550.2.P47 M36 2008 DVD 1477

Movie Poster: RBG (2018)


KF8745.G56 R34 2018 DVD 1915

Bowling for Columbine Movie Poster

Bowling for Columbine

HV7436 .B59 2003 DVD 60b

Movie Poster

Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room

HD2741 .E57 2006 DVD 317

Miss Representation Movie Poster

Miss Representation

P94.5.W65 M57 2012 DVD 1091

Fresh Movie Poster


IS494.5.S86 F747 2009 DVD 1047

Pressure Cooker Movie Poster

Pressure Cooker

TX667 .P74 2010 DVD 1838

Scared Straight - Movie Poster

Scared Straight

HV7431 .S27 2003 DVD 1832

Blackfish - Movie Poster


SF408.6.K54 B53 2013 DVD 1834

eBooks about Documentaries

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Films in our Streaming Databases

The Library subscribes to several online streaming databases, including the ones below. Use these databases to access a variety of materials, including film clips, series, and full-length features. For a complete list of the Library's streaming resources, see our Media Services page. 

Recommended channels for Academic Video Online (AVON):

Recommended channels for Films on Demand (FOD):

Finding a Film Review

Film reviews are unique articles that evaluate and critique a specific film or films. In addition to analysis and reactions/opinions, critics may also include a recommendation. Links to good resources for finding film reviews are listed below.

JSTOR database page for Films Quarterly journal

Gale OneFile News database page

Movie Review Query Engine

OneSearch page with search for Michael Moore's Sicko