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Fake News: Tools

A library guide about news hoaxes, misinformation, and propaganda

Tools for Spotting Fake News

Fact Checkers

Fact Checking Sites

Visit these fact checking sites to help evaluate whether a viral internet claim is true, false, or somewhere in the middle.



Google Fact Check Filter

Fact Checking in Google Search & Google News

google search fact check tag

For more information, about this feature, see the blog entry in The Keyword.

Try it out

Type an often repeated claim into Google Search's bar or use the example below

Google Web Search
  • The claim typed into the search bar must be one that is often repeated
    • not all claims will be fact checked
  • Google News articles that have been fact checked will include a "fact check" label
  • The feedback tag will show
    • who made the claim
    • what the claim is
    • what organization/site evaluated the claim
      • whether the claim is true or false
  • Google does not perform the fact checking itself
  • This feature is still in its early stages