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OER Courseware & Brightspace

SUNY OER Services

OER Courseware & Brightspace

Thanks to a partnership between Lumen Learning, OLI, and SUNY OER Services, there are many ready-to-adopt courses that seamlessly integrate into Brightspace.

SUNY OER Services

How to integrate your OER course into Brightspace

Assessment of OER Content: First, review the OER content to ensure it aligns with your course objectives and fits well within the structure of Brightspace.


Content Preparation:

Organize the OER content into logical units/modules that correspond to your course structure.

Convert any file formats that may not be compatible with Brightspace (e.g., Word documents) into formats supported by the LMS (e.g., HTML, DOCX, PDF, PPT).


Uploading Content:

Log in to your Brightspace account as an instructor.

Navigate to the appropriate course.

Use the content upload feature to add the converted OER materials. You can upload documents, presentations, multimedia files, etc.


Formatting Content:

Once uploaded, you may need to format the content to ensure it displays correctly within Brightspace. This may involve adjusting fonts, images, and layouts as needed.

Create links between different sections of content to facilitate navigation for students.


Assessment Integration:

If the OER includes quizzes, assignments, or other assessment materials, integrate them into Brightspace using the appropriate tools (e.g., Quizzes, Assignments).


Accessibility Check:

Ensure that the content meets accessibility standards by providing alternative text for images, captioning videos, and ensuring compatibility with screen readers.


Preview and Testing:

Before making the content available to students, preview it within Brightspace to ensure everything displays correctly.

Conduct testing to ensure all links work, multimedia content plays properly, and assessments function as intended.


Publish Content:

Once you're satisfied with the setup, publish the content within Brightspace to make it accessible to your students.


Communication with Students:

Inform your students about the availability of the OER content within Brightspace and provide guidance on how to navigate and utilize it effectively.


Continuous Improvement:

Gather feedback from students regarding the usability and effectiveness of the OER content within Brightspace and make necessary adjustments for improvement.