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Working with the Bookstore & Print Shop

Informing the Bookstore of OER Textbook Adoption

Complete the Bookstore Textbook Adoption Form.

Indicate the title / publisher / ISBN and other details on the form.

The bookstore will purchase print copies from OpenStax, Open Textbook Library, or other vendors when available.  If the OER textbook is only available online, faculty or the department must make arrangements with the Print Shop to print copies and to ship them to the bookstore for sale to students.  The procedure is described in in the box below.

Last updated March 21, 2019

Request Print Textbooks from the Print Shop for Sale at the Bookstore

Here is the recommended procedure to coordinate textbook print requests from the campus Print Shop to be sold at the Viking Cove Bookstore:

Place a print order from the Print Shop. 

  • Open a New Order > Printing Order.
  • Select the option for Faculty Course Related.
  • Select OER Textbooks.
  • Complete a print order and attach PDF file(s) of the document(s) to be printed.
  • Enter number of copies using rule of thumb of 10% of enrolled students.  See NOTE below. 
  • Copies will be automatically printed on 3-hole punched paper for ease of using with a binder.  Black and white print will be used to minimize cost.  
  • In the Shipping Information section, select Delivery: Ship to Address and enter BOOKSTORE.  The copies will be sent to the bookstore for sale and departments will not be charged.

The bookstore will then process, label, and shelve the textbooks for students to purchase there.  The bookstore cost to the student will recover the cost of printing as well as a modest mark-up and handling fee for associated bookstore administrative costs. The bookstore and print shop completed a cost analysis; black-and-white, 2-sided copying of an entire textbook is less expensive than the cost of students printing individual chapters on networked printers on campus computers.  

**NOTE: Demand for print, especially when an online version is available at no cost, is generally very low.  We recommend ordering print copies for only 10% of enrolled students.  For a class of 30, order 3 printed copies.  If all copies are sold, the bookstore will alert the department; the department must request additional copies from the print shop.

Last updated May 22,, 2019

Request a Desk Copy of an OER Textbook

To request a print copy of an OER textbook:

  1. If the OER textbook is available online, you may request a single printed copy from the Print Shop for your use if a PDF is available.  There will be no charge to your department.  Use the Quick Copy option for b/w, 2-sided, hole-punched copy.
  2. As of December 2021, the library no longer has funding to purchase desk copies for faculty.

Last updated December 7, 2021

Request an OER Textbook for Reserve Textbook Lending at the Library

To request a print copy for reserve textbook use in the library:

  1. Follow posted procedures for placing textbooks on reserve.
  2. The library will obtain printed copies from the publisher or the print shop as needed.

Only one copy will be placed on reserve initially.  The library will add copies based on demand.

Last updated March 21, 2019