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Open Access Resolution

Open Access Resolution for Hudson Valley Community College

Hudson Valley Community College formally acknowledges the use of open educational resources (OERs) as an innovative solution to the escalating cost of higher education.  HVCC recognizes the well-established correlation between textbook costs and student success and retention, and encourages implementation of open educational resources, thereby affording students reputable and sustainable options to highly priced textbooks.  In addition to greatly reduced costs, further advantages to OERs include equalization of access, as well as use, adaptation or revision by others as permitted by the original author primarily via Creative Commons licensing of digital resources.  To encourage open access progress and respond to SUNY’s vision of open access learning environments, HVCC permits faculty and staff to assign Creative Commons licensing to the academic materials they develop including but not limited to textbooks, lecture notes and websites. Faculty are encouraged to identify, develop, and adopt, wherever possible, the use of open educational resources as an integral part of the HVCC teaching and learning mission.

Approved by Academic Senate, February 2019
Approved by President, March 2019