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Literature: Books/E-books

Find Books Free Online

Many classic works of literature are available for free online, because the copyright on the work has expired. Not sure if something is available freely? Copyright currently expires 100 years after the author's death. Need help finding literature online? Try one of the below websites, and ask a librarian!

Books About Literature

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Finding Books About Literature

Most college libraries use the Library of Congress Classification system to arrange books in its library.

P’s for Literature:

P      Comparative Philology PR     English Literature
PA     Classical Literature PS     American Literature
PE     English Language PT     Germanic Literature
PN     General Literature PZ      Children's Literature
PQ     Romance Literature  

Find Print Books & Ebooks using OneSearch

Screenshot of OneSearch advanced search

Begin by going to

Select Advanced Search

  1. Select HVCC catalog 
  2. Enter your search
  3. Under Material Type, select Books/Ebooks

Select Search

Book record vs Ebook record screenshot

Our library owns The Walking Dead as both an Ebook and a print book.

To access Ebooks, select Available Online in the record under View Online, this will show full text availability. Select the link to access the Ebook.