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Writing Assistance

Writing Specialists are Available for Online Assistance

Online writing assistance is available by enrolling in the Learning Centers - Writing Organization on Blackboard, to enroll:

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Select the Community tab in the upper right corner below your name
  3. In the box Instructional Support - Learning Centers 
  4. Select the link Writing
  5. Select submit to enroll in online support

Want writing tutoring? Email to connect with a writing specialist (tutoring will be done through Zoom). 

Want to submit a paper for review? To submit a paper for review and connect to helpful resources, visit the Writing and Research Center's Blackboard page.

For more information see the Marvin Library Learning Commons Services in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic: Learning Centers.

Online Writing Tutoring Available

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E-Books About Writing Available from the Dwight Marvin Library

How to send a document wirelessly to the Marvin Library printers from a laptop or from home:

Save your document on your computer.

  1. Go to
  2. From the I am a… menu
  3. Select Student
  4. Select Print Services
  5. Log in using your HVCC username and password
  6. On the left side navigation, select Web Print
  7. Select Submit Job
  8. Next, you will need to select the printer. The top four options are printers in the Marvin Library Learning Commons:
    • prtmgr64B&W Printer – Duplex (virtual) [Black and white double sided]
    • prtmgr64B&W Printer – Single Sided (virtual) [Black and white single sided]
    • prtmgr64\Color Printer - Duplex (virtual) [Color double sided]
    • prtmgr64\Color Printer - Single Sided (virtual) [Color single sided]
  9. Select Print Options and Account Selection. Here you will enter the number of copies
  10. Select Upload Document. Check the file extension for file type. If the extension is not listed, the document will not print. Locate your file and select Open
  11. Select Upload & Complete. The system will update status to “Held in queue”

Go to the print release stations on the upper and lower levels of the Marvin Library Learning Commons. Swipe your ID card or login using your HVCC username and password to print your held document. The document will be held in the printing queue for 24 hours.