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Equipment Lending and Technology Access:

Information about equipment available for loan or use from the Dwight Marvin Library.

Fast Facts for Borrowing

  • Laptops are available to current HVCC students only, and students must be registered for the semester in session. Employees must contact ITS if they are interested in borrowing a laptop.
  • Photo ID (HVCC or government-issued) is required to borrow equipment. 
  • Equipment can be checked out at the Service Desk on the first floor of the Marvin Library Learning Commons.
  • Cameras are available to current students and employees.

Equipment Policies and Documents

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are available on each floor of the Learning Commons for current students who need access to the Academic Computing Environment (ACE) with Brightspace and productivity tools like the Microsoft Office suite. The Computer Learning Center in the lower level includes more than 100 workstations; the adjacent Help Desk is professionally staffed whenever classes are in session.

The college's Computer Use Policy defines acceptable use anywhere in the building. Most study spaces include convenient access to power and wireless access for students who bring their own computing devices.

There are three public access computers on the first floor with web browsers and basic software available.  Printing is available on a cost-per-page basis.  Visitors may purchase print credits at the kiosk on the first floor.


Copier/scanners are available for print and PDF output. Cost per page is listed in the Student Printing Policy. Assistance is available from the first floor service desk.

Fax Machine

There is no public fax machine available in the Learning Commons. A fax machine is available in the Viking’s Cove Bookstore, located on the first floor of the Siek Campus Center.

Wifi Hotspots

  • A limited number of wifi hotspots are available for semester-length loan.  
  • Get full details at the Hotspot Lending guide.

TMobile Franklin T10 hotspot

Chromebooks and Laptop Equipment

  • Chromebooks are available for general academic use. Current models include: Asus C403NA, Acer 314, and Acer 514. Loans are based on first available and specific models cannot be requested.
  • Windows laptops are also available for certain academic programs with departmental approval. Students who need specialized equipment and/or software should contact their academic department to coordinate eligibility (see steps below). 
  • All equipment is loaned with a coordinating charger.

Image of silver Acer 514 Chromebook

Procedures for Requesting a Windows Laptop

A limited number of Windows laptops are available for lending.  Authorization must be provided by a department chair to give permission to a student to borrow a Windows laptop.  [No special permission is needed to borrow a Chromebook -- just ask for one at the Library's First Floor Service Desk!]  Follow these steps to request a Windows laptop:

  1. Contact your professor to explain your need.   The need must relate to your course assignments or requirements.
  2. The faculty member will determine if a Windows laptop is needed and will confer with their department chair. 
  3. The department chair contacts the library ( indicating that the Windows laptop loan is authorized.
  4. The library prepares a Windows laptop for you and alerts you when it can be picked up from the library’s first floor service desk.
  5. Immediately after you pick it up, you will need to make an appointment to meet with campus IT staff to configure the laptop with department-specific software. 
    1. Go to
    2. Select the service "Nursing student laptop setup" [all students should select this option even if not Nursing]
    3. Select a date/time.
    4. Enter your name/contact details.
    5. Select "Book"
  6. Go to the ITS Help Desk in Higbee at the date/time selected.


Last updated August 22, 2023


The Library has the following calculators available:

  • TI-30XIIS (scientific) 

  • TI-84 Plus (graphing) 

  • TI-84 Plus CE (graphing and long battery life)

  • TI-83 Plus

Calculators are available for full-semester loan.

Phone chargers

Wall-mounted phone chargers are available on each floor with adaptors for iPhones and Android devices.  Please mind your equipment while charging.  


  • GoPro HERO9 cameras are available for various media projects.
  • Available accessories include: three-way (grip/arm/tri-pod) and/or a chest mount

GoPro HERO9 camera

DVD players

Two DVD players each with a wall-mounted video monitor are available in the lower level of the Marvin Library Learning Commons near MRV034.  Please wear headphones when using a player.  

Portable DVD Player

Two LG GP65NS60 DVD Players are available for one-week loan.  

Microfilm/Microfiche Equipment

A reader is available for microfilm and microfiche. A special lens for reading and printing from ultrafiche is also available. Request assistance from the Library collections staff on the second floor.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Looking for equipment that's not listed?  Send a suggestion to  The library is interested in providing equipment needed by Hudson Valley students!