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ASTM Standards: Standards


ASTM Standards in PRINT at the library

How to Access Specific Volumes within ASTM Compass

1. Log in to ASTM Compass.

2. Select My Subscriptions.

astm compass main

3. Select ASTM.
astm compass subscriptions

4.  Select Book of Standards > 
astm subscription

5.  Select Section 04: Construction

astm compass section 04 construction

6. Select 04.02 or 04.03

astm compass section 4 volumes

7.  After selecting a specific volume (04.02 or 04.03), the contents are listed in the panel below.

astm compass volume content

8. Scroll through the contents.  There are options to download specific sections.

9.  Within ASTM Compass, there are options for Help including video tutorials.

astm compass help