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Criminal Justice: Textbooks on Reserve

Resources and library services for Criminal Justice students.



Many textbooks are now available to students for FREE during the SPRING SEMESTER through two of the campus etextbook providers.  Scroll through the list below for a direct link to specific textbooks that were on reserve for borrowing from the library before it closed.  As we find access through one of these platforms, we are adding FREE EBOOK VERSION link next to the textbook title.  Students will need to set up an account using their HVCC email to access the etextbooks.  Check Redshelf or VitalSource directly if ebook access link is not yet indicated for your textbook in the list below.  Contact the library for assistance at


Can't find what you need?

Send a message to with course number (ex. MATH 150) and the textbook title.  

Additional sources for digital access


  • This list was populated from the campus bookstore's records as of December 2019.
  • Required textbooks are subject to change.  Check your instructor's syllabus to verify.
  • Not all course textbooks are available from the reserve collection at the library.

Accounting (ACTG) Textbooks on Reserve

ACTG 100

College Accounting Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ACTG 110/115

Financial Accounting Fundamentals  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ACTG 111/116

Managerial Accounting  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ACTG 120

Personal finance  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ACTG 200

Go! With Microsoft Excel 2016 comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ACTG 201

Computer Accounting With Quickbooks 2018  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ACTG 216

Mastering Payroll [NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 3/26/20]

Mastering Inventory  [NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 3/26/20]

Mastering Correction of Accounting Errors  [NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 3/26/20]

Mastering Adjusting Entries  [NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 3/26/20]

Mastering Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention  [NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 3/26/20]

Mastering Depreciation  [NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 3/26/20]


Anthropology (ANTH) Textbooks on Reserve

ANTH 100

Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Arabic (ARBC) Textbooks on Reserve

ARBC 100/101

Mastering Arabic 1  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Fine Arts (ARTS) Textbooks on Reserve

ARTS 100/101

Gardner's art through the ages : the western perspective: 



ARTS 104

Survey of historic costume [FREE LIBRARY EBOOK available through 5/31/20]

ARTS 107

The art of seeing [not available 3/25/20]

ARTS 121 Art in theory, 1900-2000: an anthology of changing ideas  [not available 4/2/20]
ARTS 140 Studio Television Production and Directing  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]
ARTS 202

History of modern art : painting, sculpture, architecture, photography  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ARTS 270

A world history of photography  [not available 4/2/20]

ARTS 272

Looking at movies : an introduction to film [not available 4/2/20]

ARTS 273

A new history of documentary film [not available 4/2/20]

Access to individual films for required viewing available in Swank and by special arrangement through The Criterion Channel (contact instructor for details)


American Sign Language (ASLN) Textbooks on Reserve

ASLN 100

Signing naturally. Units 1-6, Student workbook  [FREE ACCESS FROM PUBLISHER | SEE NOTE BELOW]

ASLN 101

Signing naturally. Units 7-12, Student workbook  [FREE ACCESS FROM PUBLISHER | SEE NOTE BELOW]

Note:  DawnSigns, publisher of your textbook and related materials, is offering FREE ACCESS to textbooks and videos in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Visit their website and follow the instructions to register.  The library cannot provide direct access to content; students must register themselves through DawnSigns website.

Automotive (AUTO) Textbooks on Reserve

AUTO 150 Automatic Transmissions and Manual Drive Trains [CONTACT INSTRUCTOR]


Business Administration (BADM) Textbooks on Reserve

BADM 100

Understanding business  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BADM 110/111/115


Business law today : the essentials  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BADM 120

Business Mathematics Custom Edition:  

See excerpts from:

BADM 200

Business communication : process & product  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BADM 207


BADM 208

Leadership : research findings, practice, and skills  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BADM 220

Statistical techniques in business & economics  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BADM 240

Contemporary sport management  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BADM 290/295

Personal development for life and work  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Biology (BIOL) Textbooks on Reserve

BIOL 104

Principles of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BIOL 109

Human biology  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Biology of the Human Organism Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [CONTACT INSTRUCTOR]

BIOL 119


BIOL 125

Nutrition : from science to you  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BIOL 127

Sport nutrition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BIOL 139/270/271


BIOL 150

Campbell Biology Volume 1 Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [could not determine 3/27/20]

BIOL 151

Campbell Biology Volume 2 Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [could not determine 3/27/20]

BIOL 190/191


BIOL 205

Microbiology with Diseases by Taxonomy [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BIOL 215

Environment: science, issues, solutions  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BIOL 230/234

Principles of anatomy & physiology  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

BIOL 241

Integrated principles of zoology (16th edition)  [FREE EBOOK VERSION | 18TH EDITION AVAILABLE]

BIOL 270/271



Chemical Dependency (CDEP) Textbooks on Reserve

CDEP 100

Drugs in American Society  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CDEP 105

Uppers, downers, all arounders : physical and mental effects of psychoactive drugs [AVAILABLE IN VITALSOURCE | SET UP ACCOUNT AND THEN SEARCH BY TITLE]

CDEP 200

Substance use counseling : theory and practice  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CDEP 205

Cultural diversity: a primer for the human services  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CDEP 250/255

Ethics for addiction professionals : from principle to practice  [LIBRARY EBOOK AVAILABLE]


Chemistry (CHEM) Textbooks on Reserve

CHEM 095

Basic Chemistry [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CHEM 100

Lab Manual for Chemistry Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/25/20]

Chemistry : an introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CHEM 110/111

Chemistry: A Molecular Approach Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CHEM 120 Chemistry I HVCC Custom Edition [NEED TO VERIFY EDITION 3/25/20]
CHEM 200

Biochemistry  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CHEM 210/211

Study guide and solutions manual to accompany Organic chemistry, tenth edition [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Organic chemistry  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Chinese (CHNS) Textbooks on Reserve

Computer Aided Drafting (CADD) Textbooks on Reserve

There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Computer Information Systems (CISS) Textbooks on Reserve

CISS 100

Understanding computers : today and tomorrow. Comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 105

CompTIA A+ Guide to IT Technical Support  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 110/111

Starting out with Java. From control structures through data structures  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 115

Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Beginner) [NOT AVAILABLE 3/25/20]

Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Intermediate)  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/25/20]

Unity From Zero to Proficiency (Foundations)  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/25/20]

CISS 125

CompTIA security+ guide to network security fundamentals  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 135

WordPress : the missing manual  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Content strategy for the Web  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 210

Systems analysis and design in a changing world  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 215

Introduction to project management  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

CISS 217

Cloud computing : concepts, technology, & architecture  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 220

New perspectives on HTML5 and CSS3. Comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 225

PHP for the web  [FREE  EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 227

New perspectives on XML : comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 229

Programming with mobile applications : Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Beginning mobile application development in the cloud  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

CISS 233

C♯ programming : from problem analysis to program design  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 250

Database systems : design, implementation, and management  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CISS 251


CISS 290

C++ programming : program design including data structures  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Civil Engineering (CIVL) Textbooks on Reserve

CIVL 100

Color drawing : design drawing skills and techniques for architects, landscape architects, and interior designers  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Design drawing  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 3rd edition only]

CIVL 112

Applied statics and strength of materials  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CIVL 114

Basic construction materials [not available 4/1/20]

CIVL 210

Structural steel design : a practice-oriented approach  [not available 4/1/20]

CIVL 221

Reinforced concrete design  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Computer Science (CMPT) Textbooks on Reserve

CMPT 101

Microsoft Office 365 : Office 2016 : introductory  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CMPT 110

Gregg college keyboarding & document processing. Lessons 1-120  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CMPT 111

Go! with Microsoft Word 2016 comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CMPT 115

Go! With Microsoft Excel 2016 comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CMPT 118

Content strategy for the Web  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CMPT 120

Microsoft Office 365. Access 2016. Comprehensive  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CMPT 160

Microsoft Office 365 : Office 2016, intermediate  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Construction Technology (CNST) Textbooks on Reserve

CNST 110

Applied statics and strength of materials  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CNST 130/131


CNST 202/230

Construction contracting : a practical guide to company management  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CNST 231

Mechanical and electrical systems in architecture, engineering, and construction  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Criminal Justice (CRJS) Textbooks on Reserve

CRJS 101

Introduction to Criminal Justice Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK VERSION | 16th EDITION ONLY]

CRJS 110

Basic Criminal Law: The Constitution, Procedure, and Crimes  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 150

Criminal investigation : a method for reconstructing the past [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 151


CRJS 190

Criminal evidence  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 195

Crime victimization : a comprehensive overview [unavailable 3/28/20]

CRJS 205

Introduction to policing  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 210

Constitutional law and the criminal justice system  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 222

Homeland security  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 250

Criminology today : an integrative introduction  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 255

Juvenile delinquency in a diverse society  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 260

Justice administration : police, courts, and corrections management  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 265

American corrections  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

CRJS 280

Criminal law [EBOOK NOT AVAILABLE AS OF 3/24/20]

CRJS 281

Criminal procedure : a contemporary perspective  [EBOOK NOT AVAILABLE AS OF 3/28/20]


Dental Hygiene (DHYG) Textbooks on Reserve

DHYG 110/121/217/240

Medical emergencies : essentials for the dental professional  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Mosby's dental drug reference  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

DHYG 120/121/216/240

Dental hygiene : theory and practice  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 5th edition | 4th edition not available]

DHYG 216/217

Dental management of the medically compromised patient  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 8th edition | 7th edition not available]

DHYG 240

Local anesthesia for the dental hygienist  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Handbook of nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Darby's comprehensive review of dental hygiene  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Digital Arts (DART) Textbooks on Reserve

Early Childhood/ Teacher Preparation (ECCE) Textbooks on Reserve

ECCE 111

Write it down! : a guided journal of ideas, strategies, and reflections for beginning teachers  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

Art for the fun of it : a guide for teaching young children  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

Music and movement : a way of life for the young child  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Art & creative development for young children  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Experiences in movement & music : birth to age 8  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECCE 115

Secure relationships : nurturing infant/toddler attachment in early care settings  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

Simple steps : developmental activities for infants, toddlers, and two-year olds [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

Infants and toddlers : caregiving and responsive curriculum development  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

The Happiest Baby on the Block  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]


Infancy : emotional and social world  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Infancy : beginnings of cognition and language  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Toddlerhood : emotional development  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Infancy : landmarks of development  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Infancy : early relationships  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

Toddlerhood : physical and cognitive development  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

ECCE 122

Guidance of young children  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Write it down! : a guided journal of ideas, strategies, and reflections for beginning teachers  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

ECCE 123

Early education curriculum : a child's connection to the world  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECCE 214

Developing & administering a child care and education program  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECCE 226

Developmentally appropriate curriculum : best practices in early childhood education  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECCE 227

Developmentally appropriate curriculum : best practices in early childhood education  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Theories of childhood  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

ECCE 231

Families, schools, and communities : building partnerships for educating children  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECCE 290

Developing & administering a child care and education program  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Electrical Construction and Maintenance (ECMN) Textbooks on Reserve

ECMN 131/132

Blueprint reading and estimating  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

ECMN 140

Labor relations and collective bargaining  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECMN 204

Electrical motor controls for integrated systems  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

ECMN 206

Industrial automated systems  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Economics (ECON) Textbooks on Reserve

ECON 100

Foundations of Macroeconomics  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ECON 101

Foundations of Microeconomics  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Education (EDUC) Textbooks on Reserve

EDUC 100

Child development  [FREE EBOOK EDITION]

EDUC 108

Introduction to contemporary special education : New Horizons [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

EDUC 110

Your introduction to education : explorations in teaching  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

EDUC 120

Comprehensive classroom management : creating communities of support and solving problems  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

EDUC 216

Teaching students with special needs in inclusive classrooms  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

EDUC 225

"Word Recognition" chapter in Teaching Reading in Today's Elementary Schools [FREE EBOOK EDITION]

Charlotte Huck's children's literature : a brief guide  [FREE EBOOK EDITION]

Early childhood language arts  [FREE EBOOK EDITION]


Electrical Engineering Technology (ELET) Textbooks on Reserve

ELET 206

Electronic communications  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]


Emergency Medical Services (EMSP) Textbooks on Reserve

EMSP 100

Emergency care  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


English (ENGL) Textbooks on Reserve

ENGL 092

The Prentice Hall grammar workbook  [unavailable 3/31/20]

ENGL 101/102/106/107

The Bedford Handbook [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

Patterns for College Writing 14th Edition  [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

ENGL 104


Literature:The Human Experience [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

ENGL 110

Technical communication  [FREE EBOOK ACCESS TO 15th EDITION | 14th edition not available]

ENGL 117

Clean, well-lighted sentences : a guide to avoiding the most common errors in grammar and punctuation [unavailable 3/30/20]

Conventions 101 : a functional approach to teaching grammar and punctuation [FREE OER AVAILABLE]

ENGL 120 

The interpersonal communication book [FREE EBOOK EDITION | 15TH EDITION AVAILABLE ONLY]

ENGL 125

The public speaking project [contact instructor for OER access]

ENGL 130

Inside reporting: a practical guide to the craft of Journalism  [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

ENGL 136

Media & culture: mass communication in a digital age [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

ENGL 151

The Norton anthology of short fiction [NOT AVAILABLE 3/30/20]

ENGL 152

Contemporary American poetry  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/30/20]

Sleeping on the wing: an anthology of modern poetry, with essays on reading and writing  [LIMITED ACCESS VIA INTERNET ARCHIVE | Create an account]

ENGL 153

Plays in one act  [LIMITED ACCESS VIA INTERNET ARCHIVE | Create an account]
Crafting short screenplays that connect  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENGL 154

Writing true: the art and craft of creative nonfiction [NOT AVAILABLE 3/26/20]

ENGL 200

The Norton anthology of English literature  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

ENGL 203

The Cambridge introduction to Shakespeare  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]
The tempest   [THIS EDITION NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]
Much ado about nothing  [THIS EDITION NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

ENGL 206

Their eyes were watching God  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Born on the Fourth of July  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]


ENGL 210

The story and its writer: an introduction to short fiction  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]



The illusionist  [unavailable in streaming format 3/31/20]

ENGL 216

Bone  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Memoirs of a geisha  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Briar Rose  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

The things they carried  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Like water for chocolate  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/30/20]

ENGL 220




The pianist [LIMITED ACCESS VIA INTERNET ARCHIVE | Create an account]

Adaptation : studying film and literature  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

The kite runner (film)  [FREE STREAMING ACCESS]

The color purple (film)  [FREE STREAMING ACCESS]



ENGL 224

The walking dead  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Understanding comics  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Watchmen [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Kindred: a graphic novel adaptation  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Maus: a survivor's tale  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

Fun home: a family tragicomic  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]

ENGL 236


The house of mirth  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/3/20]


ENGL 240

Bedford Introduction to Literature:

Engineering (ENGR) Textobooks on Reserve

ENGR 110

C++ for everyone  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Introduction to solid modeling using SolidWorks 2018  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENGR 120

Nanotechnology : an introduction  [not available 4/2/20]

Building bridges : the physics of construction  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Modern marvels : Architectural wonders.

Sustainability considerations in design  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

Domes  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/2/20]

ENGR 211/220

Engineering mechanics: Statics Volume 1  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENGR 215

Fundamentals of materials science and engineering : an integrated approach  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENGR 218 Mechanics of materials  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 4th EDITION | 3rd edition not available]
ENGR 220

Engineering mechanics: Dynamics  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENGR 223 Fundamentals of thermal-fluid sciences  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]
ENGR 225 Introduction to electric circuits  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Entrepreneurship (ENTR) Textbooks on Reserve

ENTR 110

Entrepreneurship : the art, science, and process for success  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENTR 120

Entrepreneurship : successfully launching new ventures  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENTR 150

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Law and Strategy  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

ENTR 210

Entrepreneurial finance  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]  

ENTR 290

3 weeks to startup  [LIBRARY EBOOK AVAILABLE]

Preparing effective business plans  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


English as Second Language (ESLS) Textbooks on Reserve

ESLS 092

Fundamentals of English as a Second Language Course Packet  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

ESLS 094

Maximize your reading  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

An anthology of twentieth century American short stories  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

ESLS 096

Targeting pronunciation : communicating clearly in English  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

ESLS 101

The Bedford Handbook [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

Longman academic writing series. Level 4, Paragraphs to essays 

Patterns for College Writing 14th Edition  [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

ESLS 102

The Bedford Handbook [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

Patterns for College Writing 14th Edition  [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]


Exercise Studies (EXER) Textbooks on Reserve

EXER 101

Introduction to kinesiology : studying physical activity  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


French (FREN) Textbooks on Reserve

Forensic Science (FSCI) Textbooks on Reserve

FSCI 245

Criminalistics : an introduction to forensic science  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

FSCI 247

Spitz and Fisher's medicolegal investigation of death : guidelines for the application of pathology to crime investigation  [LIBRARY EBOOK AVAILABLE]

FSCI 252

Forensic psychology  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

German (GERM) Textbooks on Reserve

GERM 100/101

Deutsch heute : introductory German  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Check out the German research guide for more resources

History (HIST) Textbooks on Reserve

HIST 100/101

Western civilizations : their history & their culture



HIST 110/111

American History -- Connecting with the Past Vol I  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

American History -- Connecting with the Past Vol II  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Coming to America : a history of immigration and ethnicity in American life [NOT AVAILABLE IN EBOOK FORMAT 3/30/20]

The way west : westward, the course of empire takes its way, 1845-1864 [NOT AVAILABLE IN STREAMING FORMAT 3/30/20]



New York : a documentary film [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]


They call me Doc : the story behind the legend of John Henry Holliday [LIBRARY EBOOK VERSION]

America: A Narrative History V1  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Give me liberty! : an American history 

A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations : Chicago Style for students and researchers  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 113

Gotham: A history of New York City to 1898  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 115

The African-American odyssey  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 120/121

Africa in global history with sources  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

History of Africa  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 130

The Worlds of Medieval Europe  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 135

Contemporary world history  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 137

The way west : westward, the course of empire takes its way, 1845-1864 [NOT AVAILABLE IN STREAMING FORMAT 3/30/20] 



New York : a documentary film [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]


A democracy at war : America's fight at home and abroad in World War II  [not available 4/1/20]

Inferno : the world at war, 1939-1945  [LIBRARY EBOOK VERSION]

Why the allies won  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

Holocaust : a history  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

The Second World War  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]


HIST 139

Vietnam, an American ordeal  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 140

A Brief History of Chinese Civilization  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 150

A brief history of Japanese civilization  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HIST 205

Indian affairs in colonial New York : the seventeenth century [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

Akwesasne, Divided by More than the St. Lawrence River  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

A people's history of the United States : 1492-present  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 3rd edition]


Health Information Management and Technology (HITC) Textbooks on Reserve

HITC 105

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' clinical medical assisting  [not available 3/30/20]

HITC 110

Medical Coding Training: CPC  

[not available 3/30/20]

Medical Coding Training: CPC Practical Application Workbook 2019  

[not available 3/30/20]

Buck's 2020 ICD-10-CM  

[not available 3/30/20]

Buck's 2020 HCPCS Level II  

[not available 3/30/20]

CPT 2020 professional edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HITC 200

Understanding health insurance  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HITC 210

Practice management training manual CPPM  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/30/20]

Health (HLTH) Textbooks on Reserve

HLTH 140

Drugs across the spectrum  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HLTH 152

Responding to emergencies : comprehensive first aid/CPR/AED [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

HLTH 153

Contemporary women's health : issues for today and the future [FREE EBOOK VERSION on VitalSource platform | Create account]

HLTH 200

Principles and foundations of health promotion and education [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Human Services (HUSV) Textbooks on Reserve

HUSV 100

Introduction to social work and social welfare : empowering people  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 105

Ethnicity and family therapy  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Marriages, families, & intimate relationships : a practical introduction [FREE EBOOK VERSION TO 5TH EDITION | 4TH EDITION NOT AVAILABLE]

HUSV 110

An Introduction to human services  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 115

Disability : a diversity model approach in human service practice  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 120


HUSV 200

Essential interviewing : a programmed approach to effective communication  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 205

Social work with groups : comprehensive practice and self-care  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 210

Human sexuality  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 240

Cultural Diversity: A Primer for the Human Services  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

HUSV 250

Issues and ethics in the helping professions  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Heating / Air conditioning / Refrigeration (HVAC) Textbooks on Reserve

HVAC 140

Warm air heating for climate control  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]

HVAC 240

Modern hydronic heating : for residential and light commercial buildings [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Individual Studies (INDS) Textbooks on Reserve

INDS 100

The career fitness program : exercising your options  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

INDS 105

College study : the essential ingredients [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology (ICVT) Textbooks on Reserve

There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Italian (ITAL) Textbooks on Reserve



Japanese (JAPN) Textbooks on Reserve

JAPN 100/101

An integrated course in elementary Japanese  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]


Latin (LATN) Textbooks on Reserve

LATN 100/101

Latin for the new millennium : student text, level 1  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Learning Skills (LSKL) Textbooks on Reserve

LSKL 095

Connect : college reading  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Mathematics (MATH) Textbooks on Reserve

MATH 095 Basic college mathematics with POWER learning [EBOOK ACCESS not located 3/24/20]
MATH 099

Beginning Algebra with Applications [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 105, 106

Elementary Technical Mathematics [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 120

Thinking Mathematically Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

Thinking Mathematically [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 130 Mathematical ideas [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]
MATH 135

Introductory statistics [FREE OER]

Introductory statistics : exploring the world through data [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 150

Algebra and trigonometry [FREE OER]

College Algebra & Trigonometry Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 165

Technical Mathematics with Calculus Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 170

Precalculus [FREE OER]

Precalculus Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 180

Calculus. Volume 1 [FREE OER] 

Calculus I & II Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 183

Discrete mathematics and its applications  [FREE EBOOK VERSION] Note: Print copy is NOT on reserve in the library.

MATH 190

Calculus I & II Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

MATH 210

Multivariable Calculus [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]

Elementary Linear Algebra [FREE EBOOK ACCESS]


Mechanical Engineering (MECT) Textbooks on Reserve

MECT 100

Interpreting engineering drawings  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MECT 105

Introduction to materials science for engineers  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MECT 120 Degarmo's materials and processes in manufacturing  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]
MECT 125 Applied mechanics for engineering technology  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20]
MECT 225

Applied strength of materials  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/1/20 (only SI units version available)]

MECT 240 Machine elements in mechanical design  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Manufacturing Technology (MFTS) Textbooks on Reserve

Marketing (MKTG) Textbooks on Reserve

MKTG 120/125

Marketing : The Core  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MKTG 200

Advertising and integrated brand promotion  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MKTG 210

Internet Marketing: Integrating Online & Offline Strategies in a Digital Environment  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MKTG 214

Dalrymple's sales management  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MKTG 216

Small business management : launching & growing entrepreneurial ventures   [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MKTG 240 Business ethics  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Mortuary Science (MTSC) Textbooks on Reserve

MTSC 120 Thanatochemistry : a survey of general, organic, and biochemistry for funeral service professionals  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]
MTSC 207

The psychosocial aspects of death and dying  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

Grief counseling and grief therapy : a handbook for the mental health practitioner  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Funeral service psychology and counseling  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

The last dance : encountering death and dying  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

MTSC 210

Mortuary administration and funeral management  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

MTSC 215 Funeral directing and funeral service management  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]
MTSC 225/226

Color and cosmetics : the consummation of restorative art  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

Restorative art and science  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

MTSC 250

Funeral service compend.  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

MTSC 270

Mortuary law  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

New York State mortuary law  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]


Music (MUSC) Textbooks on Reserve

MUSC 100/101

The enjoyment of music  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/4/20]

MUSC 105

Concise guide to jazz  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

MUSC 106

Rock and roll : its history and stylistic development  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Nursing (NURS) Textbooks on Reserve

NURS 100

Study manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) : reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage  [NOT AVAILABLE | See Nursing Guide > TEAS test resources for alternatives]

NURS 101

Study manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) : reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage  [NOT AVAILABLE | See Nursing Guide > TEAS test resources for alternatives]

Curren's math for meds : dosages & solutions  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Nurse's pocket guide : diagnoses, prioritized interventions, and rationales [FREE EBOOK VERSION | 14th edition only]

Basic nursing : concepts, skills, & reasoning  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary  [LIBRARY EBOOK VERSION]

Davis's drug guide for nurses  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

NURS 102

Curren's math for meds : dosages & solutions  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Pharmacology : connections to nursing practice  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Clinical handbook for Brunner & Suddarth's textbook of medical-surgical nursing  [FREE EBOOK VERSION (on VitalSource ebook platform)]

Basic nursing : concepts, skills, & reasoning  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

NURS 201

Study manual for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) : reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage  [NOT AVAILABLE | See Nursing Guide > TEAS test resources for alternatives]

Nursing today : transition and trends  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

NURS 202

Psychiatric mental health nursing : concepts of care in evidence-based practice  [LIBRARY EBOOK AVAILABLE]

Maternal & child health nursing : care of the childbearing & childrearing family  [FREE EBOOK VERSION (on VitalSource ebook platform)]


Public Administration (PADM) Textbooks on Reserve

PADM 180 Fundamentals of management  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]
PADM 205

Public personnel administration  [not available 3/30/20]

PADM 237

Animal law : cases and materials  [not available 3/30/20]

Philosopy (PHIL) Textbooks on Reserve

PHIL 100

The Longman standard history of philosophy  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PHIL 110

The world's religions  [not available 4/1/20]

PHIL 120


PHIL 265

World made by hand  [LIMITED ACCESS VIA INTERNET ARCHIVE | Create Account]


Physical Education (PHED) Textbooks on Reserve

Physical Sciences (PHYS) Textbooks on Reserve

PHYS 100

Physical science  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PHYS 101

Foundations of earth science  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PHYS 105

The essential cosmic perspective  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PHYS 110 

The physical universe  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PHYS 135/136


PHYS 140/141

Physics : principles with applications  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

College physics  [FREE OER AVAILABLE]

PHYS 145

Essentials of geology  [FREE OER AVAILABLE]

PHYS 150

Physics for scientists and engineers, with modern physics  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PHYS 151/250

Physics for scientists and engineers : technology update  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Political Science (POLS) Textbooks on Reserve

POLS 100

Politics in a changing world  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

POLS 101 The globalization of world politics: an introduction to international relations  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/29/20]
POLS 105

By the people : debating American government  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

POLS 110 / 200

New York State government [Not available 3/29/20]

Polysomnography (PSGT) Textbooks on Reserve

There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Psychology (PSYC) Textbooks on Reserve

PSYC 100

The Science of Psychology Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Three Identical Strangers  [NOT AVAILABLE 4/7/20]

Psychology  [FREE OER]

PSYC 200


PSYC 205

Lifespan Development: Lives in Context  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]





Mississippi burning  [STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE]

PSYC 210

Abnormal Psychology Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PSYC 225

Foundations of sport and exercise psychology  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PSYC 235

Authentic happiness : using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment  [LIBRARY EBOOK AVAILABLE]

PSYC 260

Evaluating research: methodology for people who need to read research  [NOT AVAILABLE 3/31/20]

PSYC 270

Social psychology [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

PSYC 280

Scientific writing for psychology  [FREE EBOOK VERSION][

Research methods for the behavioral sciences  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Respiratory Care (RESP) Textbooks on Reserve

There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Russian (RUSN) Textbooks on Reserve

RUSN 100/101

Голоса : а basic course in Russian / Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, Galina Shatalina.; Golosa : a basic course in Russian  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Sociology (SOCL) Textbooks on Reserve

SOCL 100

Introduction to sociology [FREE OER]

Essentials of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

New Faces of American Diversity [Selected excerpts below]

SOCL 110


SOCL 120

Racial and Ethnic Groups  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

SOCL 200

Social Psychology  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

Spanish (SPAN) Textbooks on Reserve

SPAN 100

English grammar for students of Spanish : the study guide for those learning Spanish  [not available 4/4/20]

Arriba! Volume 1 Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition [FREE EBOOK VERSION 6th edition | custom edition not available]

SPAN 101

English grammar for students of Spanish : the study guide for those learning Spanish  [not available 4/4/20]

Arriba! Volume 2 Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 6th edition | custom edition not available]

SPAN 200

Arriba! Volume 3 Hudson Valley Community College Custom Edition  [FREE EBOOK VERSION 6th edition | custom edition not available]


Sport (SPRT) Textbooks on Reserve

SPRT 100/101/102

Successful coaching  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]


Surgical Technology (SURG) Textbooks on Reserve

There are currently no textbooks on reserve.

Theatre (THEA) Textbooks on Reserve

THEA 100

The essential theatre  [FREE EBOOK VERSION]

THEA 110

A practical handbook for the actor  [FREE LIBRARY EBOOK]

THEA 170

Impro for storytellers  [FREE LIBRARY EBOOK]

Free play: improvisation in life and art [NOT AVAILABLE 3/30/20]


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