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Health Information Management and Technology: Creating Search Alerts

Search Alerts

What is a search alert? 

A search alert is a specific search that is saved within a database that is run on a routine basis.  The results are sent to the user periodically with new information that has been published. 

Example 1: A search alert for a particular journal.  What's new in Medical Records Briefing?  You can set up a search alert to have the table of contents sent directly to your email with all the newly published articles per month for this journal.

Example 2:  A search alert for a particular topic.  I'm studying icd-9 and cpt codes and would like to know when new articles are published on this subject.  You can set up a search alert for this specific search and you will be sent an email when new articles are available.

Example 1 steps - Creating a search alert for a particular journal

Creating a search alert for a particular journal using the CINAHL database:

1. Click on using research databases from the library home page

2. Select the database CINAHL plus with full text

3. In the blue bar across the top, click on the publications link

4. Type in the name of the journal that you would like to create a search alert for and press Enter

5. Select that journal from the list by clicking on the blue journal link

6. On the right hand side of the screen, in the light green bar, click on Alert

7. A little pop up bubble appears - click on Create Search Alert

8. At this point you will be asked to sign in or register with the My EBSCOhost feature.  If you are registered, type in your username and password.  If you are not registered, register for the service.

9. The search alert set up page is loaded.  Make your selections and click on Save

10. Your search alert for the table of contents for the current issue for the journal you have selected has been set-up.

Example 2 steps - Creating a search alert for a particular topic

Creating a search alert to receive the most recent articles for a particular topic:

1. Click on the using research databases link from the library home page

2. Click on CINAHL Plus with full text

3. Search for the topic that you are interested in.  Conduct a search and narrow or broaden your topic until you have exactly what you want

4.  Once you have the search that you want, click on the Alert link located in the light green bar above the search results

5. In the bubble that opens, link on the Create an alert link

6. Sign into My EBSCOhost or create an account if you do not have one

7. Fill in the blanks in the page the appears.  In the last question - save search as, select alert

8. Fill in the additional blanks.  Note:  In the Alert options area select detailed for the alert results format and uncheck limit EBSCOhost access to only the articles sent.  In the e-mail properties section select e-mail properties HTML.

9. Click save

10. Your alert has been created.  Click on continue and you are brought back to your search.

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